House of Diamond (HOD) Jewellery Care Plan

'House of Diamond (HOD) Jewellery Care Plan' creates peace of mind protection on your diamond jewellery purchase. The Plans are available in either a three year or a ten year option and includes the following services up to the total value of the purchase price:

(1) Ring Sizings¹ (2) Re-tipping prongs (3) Stone tightening (4) Refinishing and polishing (5) Reshaping of Rings (6) Cleaning (7) Earring repair, post straightening and rethreading (8) Chain and Bracelet soldering² (9) Rhodium plating³ (10) Diamond resetting (11) Pendent bail repair (12) Clasp repair, tightening, and replacement (except replacement on hinged bangles)

Unless limited above, you may access these services, as often as you like until the plan expires.

¹Certain ring styles are not suitable for sizing and are excluded from this service. once per year

²Except for the purpose of lengthening the item

³For rhodium plated parts of items only, once per year

The rights provided by the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) apply regardless of whether you choose to buy a House of Diamond (HOD) Jewellery Care Plan (referred to as the "Plan"). These protections are legal guarantees automatically included in every contract for the supply of goods or services. According to the CGA, goods must meet the following requirements: they must be of satisfactory quality, suitable for the specific purpose you communicated to the supplier (unless it was unreasonable for you to rely on their expertise in selecting the goods for that purpose), match any provided description, correspond to any sample or demonstration model shown to you, be legally sellable to you, arrive on time and in acceptable condition, have spare parts and repair facilities available for a reasonable period (unless you are notified otherwise), and comply with any express guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Similarly, under the CGA, services must be performed with reasonable care and skill, achieve the desired outcome you communicated to the business (unless it was unreasonable for you to expect that outcome based on their expertise), be completed by the agreed-upon date or within a reasonable timeframe if no specific date was agreed upon, and be supplied at the agreed price or a reasonable price if no price was agreed upon.

In addition to the protections offered by the CGA, the Plan provides ongoing services throughout its duration. You have the option to purchase a Plan for either three or ten years, starting from the date of purchase. The CGA protections come into effect from the date of purchase. The table below summarizes the differences between the CGA protections and the benefits provided by the Plan. You can find the complete terms and conditions of the Plan in the document. Please note that the House of Diamond Jewellery Care Plan is only available for selected products and cannot be purchased for watches, or any other product chosen by House of Gold and Diamond.

What is covered by the plan?

The plan covers one purchased item only and is not transferable. The plan covers parts and labour costs up to the value of the purchase price of the product. Unless it is a claim under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA), you will need to pay for any parts or service costs that go beyond the value of the purchase price of the covered product. A representative of House of Gold and Diamond will inform of costs before going forward with any changes. The services covered under the plan covered are as follows; (1) Ring sizings; (2) Re-tipping prongs; (3) Stone tightening; (4) Refinishing and polishing; (5) Reshaping of rings; (6) Cleaning; (7) Earring repair, post straightening and rethreading; (9) Chain and Bracelet soldering; (10) Rhodium plating; (11) Diamond resetting; (12) Pendent bail repair; (13) Clasp repair, tightening, and replacement (except replacement on hinged bangles)

What is not covered by the plan?

(1) Modifications, parts and/or repairs not undertaken by or on behalf of House of Gold and Diamond; (2) Unless stated in the plan, cosmetic damage including scratches, peelings, dents that do not impact the mechanical functionality of the item; (3) Re-shanking of rings; (4) incidental or consequential damages; (5) Damage from accident, abuse, misuse; (6) Damages from the elements or Acts of God (7) Except as stated in the Plan, preventative maintenance; (8) Inclusions in gemstones and diamonds (9) Loss of diamonds, gemstones or any other parts of the covered product; (10) Accessories used in conjunction with a covered product or any damage caused by use of such accessory. (11) Lengthening a chain or bracelet by soldering; (11) Rejoining links in hollow chains and bracelets; (12) Repairing dents in hollow chains, bracelets, bangles, earrings and pendants; (13) Repair or replacement of damaged bangle hinges.


Please take your time to decide which plan is appropriate for you, as we do not offer renewal of plans.


The House of Diamond (HOD) Jewellery Care Plan qualifies as an extended warranty according to the Fair Trading Act 1986. You have the legal right to cancel the Plan within 5 working days of receiving it, and you will be entitled to a full refund. However, House of Diamond allows you to cancel the Plan and receive a full refund within 10 working days of the purchase date, as long as no services have been provided under the Plan. It's important to note that you can cancel the Plan at any time during the term, but no refund will be issued. Once the Plan is canceled, you will no longer receive any services covered by the Plan.

Terms & Conditions

With the document (including the attached receipt), you, as the purchaser, enter into a legally binding contract with House of Gold and Diamond Limited (referred to as the "Plan" herein). It is important to understand that a purchase constitutes a contractual agreement, and you acknowledge that you would have had the opportunity to review the terms and conditions outlined in the document. Please note that the Plan cannot be transferred to any other individual.

Instructions and obtaining service

You must keep the document provided and the attached receipt for the product, as they are integral parts of the plan. To obtain service under your plan, produce the covered item along with your plan to a representative at a House of Gold and Diamond store.